Workin' Happy Hour


Topic: 3 simple wardrobe solutions to take you from work to working happy hour!

Mood: Working hard or hardly working?!?!

Location: Work (Physically)/Happy Hour (Mentally)

Its Friday 4:59 p.m and you are READY-TO-GO!  The only other thing standing between you and a lychee martini is your work appropriate casual Friday garb.

From Pinterest to Marie Claire, work appropriate attire has been generously defined.  

Most will tell you:

    - Cute top

   - Blazer/protector

   - Nice (unripped) jeans

   - Knee-length bottoms 

   - Minimal trimmings 

That's cool and maybe flattering for your mum.  But our Dames dare to be different ... dares to be herself ... dares to push the envelope.  

No need to dash home for a complete wardrobe overhaul Dames!  We have 3 simple solutions to take you from work to workin' happy hour!

Happy Hour here we come!  

Solution 1. Wearing your mum's blouse and jeans? Once 5 p.m. rips, add a choker.  Our Jean Choke-Her rocks well with blouses and jeans of any color.  But that's just the start, top if off with an All Over My Body Chain and a Got Dame Camo to complete the look.   

Solution 2. Maybe you "spiced" your look for the work lads with a sexy blazer and knee-length dress or skirt.  Lets make it hotter.  Trade in your standard work blouse for a Crop & Ready top our Dames affectionately refer to as our "look at me" top.  Leave your bra in the car and you will understand why they call it the "look at me".  And you can't forget the nettings.

Solution 3.  Now you're feeling it?  We have more!  Try adding a pair of Zip Tights to any black heels to elongate those sexy stilts Dames.  

Ready for drinks?  Hopefully these tips will save you a trip home which means more workin' happy hour!

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