Locked behind bars: Cellphone Addiction

Location: Silicon Valley

Mood: Going Through Withdrawals 

Topic: Cellphone Addiction: It’s a real thing?


I have a confession . . . I’ve done time behind bars.  AT&T cell phone signal bars to be exact.  Its intoxicating, its invigorating, its hypnotizing.  Not exactly the darkest confession I can reveal, but before you judge, you should know that you may be hypnotized to by your cell phone addiction too mate!
Yes, all of you late night scrolling, notification loving, team iphone/android diehards have been sucked into a mobile trance.
I can admit, I've made silly decisions because of my addiction. Picture me at the bar, in a crop top and fishnets, exchanging numbers with hot ass guy.

You can get a pair of my sexy fishnets here, they're cheap af , you're welcome.

Back to the scene, we exchange numbers, minutes later I get a text "Hi Dame, it was a pleasure meeti..."  Wait what?  His messages are green?!? TF?|


Poor lad, he probably thought he found the one. Haha imagine that.  Is this ridiculous of me?  Oh well, the search for the compatible mate continues...

A friend once told me its better to take calls on speaker phone so you can refresh your feed while you talk. Life hack or locked behind bars?  Did I mention I would sleep with the phone in bed? Tragic, ridiculous, and probably a bloody fire hazard.  Speaking of fire hazards, Net Love fishnets make the best thirst traps. ;-) 

Don't sleep with your phone!

Who needs a mate anyways when you have Dames like ours.  Chilling with friends is always interactive, if you consider random outburst of “omg you gotta see this”  and snapping selfies and forced group shots as interactive. We are so connected with our phones but disconnected from each other.
Have you ever been in the car and looked up only to realize you’ve reached your destination? Literally hours escaped which felt like minutes, I missed the entire fucking trip. I had little to no input in conversations. I was honestly tuned out.

But that was the old me.  I wouldn’t say I’m reformed now, let’s not get too crazy, but when people tell me I’m always on my phone I can smile when rolling my eyes because the shit is far from true now.
We’ll see how long it lasts. Moral to the random story: disconnect from your phone and reconnect with people and your surroundings. Wait . . . who am I kidding, you're probably reading this from your phone right now.